We are a small firm focusing on our individual client’s needs. We take only those cases where we know we can help our clients.

We are here to get results for our clients through diligence and effective analysis of your case, your injury and your future needs to reach the best possible resolution.

We are skilled at resolving many types of cases through experience and the right personnel across the country to evaluate your case.

We use a team approach in all of our cases involving attorneys and medical experts that review both liability and injury to fully understand Your case, Your injury and Your future medical needs.

We treat our clients with honesty and respect understanding each and every client is unique.  In our opinion your case is unlike any other and you should be treated as an individual when we consider your goals and needs.

We are honest and straightforward in evaluating your case and promise to give you the most professional and aggressive legal representation you should expect.

We know how to deal with opposing counsel’s tactics through our years of handling Plaintiff cases throughout the United States.

We work constantly to improve and develop relationships with attorneys throughout the United States to better serve our client’s needs wherever they may be.

We understand litigation is expensive and  time consuming.  We promise to keep fees and expenses as reasonable as possible and set realistic time frames to your case.